General Family Dentistry

Expert Preventative Care & Treatment

Our dental services team believes that the best way to avoid dental problems and the procedures that follow is to simply take care of your teeth. That is why we provide dental education, attention to your at-home dental hygiene habits, and preventive care at our office. With regular exams and cleanings by our caring professionals, you can avoid a great deal of hassle and enjoy superb dental health!

If you do end up with problems such as cavities or tooth damage, there’s no need to worry. Our Huntersville family dentists can provide you with the treatment you need!

Some of the general dentistry services that we offer include:

  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Gentle ultrasonic cleanings
  • Resin Composite (white) fillings
  • Same-day (CEREC) crowns
  • Repair of cracked teeth
  • Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Care Products We Recommend

In addition to going to the dentist regularly, you should also make sure to have a good at-home dental hygiene regimen. This requires brushing and flossing regularly and also using the right types of oral care products.

Here are some of the products we recommend:

  • Tooth and Gum Tonic – This all-natural mouth rinse can help you keep your gums and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Oxyfresh – Oxyfresh products can help you eliminate bad breath. They can also help you keep your teeth white, reduce plaque, and kill bacteria.
  • Simpli5 Aligner System – These are clear aligners that shift your teeth so that you can have a straighter, less crowded smile.
  • Athletic mouthguards – A mouthguard can help protect your teeth from being chipped, cracked, or knocked out while you are playing sports. They can also help minimize or prevent injury to the tongue, lips, and jaw.

Visit our Huntersville family dentists!

For any existing dental problems that you have, rest assured that they will be treated in the least invasive manner possible while you relax in a comfortable environment. Our modern services ensure that you and all the members of your family will be given the highest quality of treatment when you visit our office. Contact us today at (704) 895-5850 to learn more!

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