Dental Bridges in Huntersville

Huntersville Dentists Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They work by attaching a set of artificial teeth to your existing natural ones. This procedure creates a natural-looking, beautiful smile and has numerous other benefits for your dental health. If you are experiencing problems with jaw function due to missing teeth, such as chewing or speaking, or you are experiencing muscle pain or headaches, this may the perfect option for you.

Dental bridges, which are very durable, may be either fixed or removable. If you have missing teeth, do not hesitate to speak with one of our Huntersville dentists at Crawford & Colvin Family and Cosmetic Dentistry about your options for a dental bridge!

Some of the advantages of having a dental bridge are:

  • Enhanced appearance of your smile
  • Strengthening of surrounding teeth
  • Improved jaw function (chewing, talking, etc.)
  • Having a less invasive procedure than dental implants

When you lose a tooth, the best thing to do is replace it as soon as possible. This can help prevent present and the future complications such as gum disease, infection, jaw pain, and additional problems with your teeth. Talk to one of our Huntersville dentists today! You can call us at (704) 895-5850.

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